Elliptical Optusion

by Ocelot Omelet

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released November 11, 2011

ocelot omelet are:

C. Austin LaVere - bass, vox, keys
Whiz - six-string spaceship
Eric James Peterson - drums

produced by ocelot omelet
recorded may-august 2011 at the Eggplant, Seattle, WA
engineered, mixed and mastered by C. Austin LaVere sept. 2011

all songs written by ocelot omelet © 2011
except 3,4,7,9 © 2010

Cover art and design by C. A. LaVere



all rights reserved
Track Name: Starlot
where angels fear to tread
the fool will rush in
leaving a bloody trail of innocents
crushed in crimes of passion
this ground is hallowed
with poisons and pleasures
and a lust for the above
that can’t be measured

put a price on Him
nailed to the wall
put a price on her
family jewels

you know that looks can kill
so get away with murder
and what appears pure
may it pervert.
so put a price on that head
your pain is beauty
in penetration
you are the bounty

in the wreckage of shattered souls
shrink from fractured light
desperately cling to sullen dreams,
ritual sacrifice
or embrace the futile fairy tale,
bittersweet lullabies
to escape the ever-growing nothing
the only thing that never dies

and as the circle
ends where it starts
the chains that bound us
tear us apart
in your death my one true art.
Track Name: Angel of the State / Surrounding the Eye
say that i don't care
still remember the moray
there's a lemonade behind you there
so you know it's okay
turned around

we all rely on enlargement
but now that i'm dying for a little light
we put it in a locket
we're gonna have to go about it right
gold is glittering lies
and flies grow around your eyes

put a little on and you'll learn
i'll bet you thought about
the boy you like
put a little out and they'll know about you
so high a mallet only knew
proud and so divine
and all is riding on the angel of the state
an eye for an eye
Track Name: Artificial Resuscitation
we are frosty silence
too cold
we are glossy vibrance
to glow
we are acosted science
to know

we are a cross alliance
to gold
so artificial
so superficial
we're living instead.

we are telescopic violence
to show
we are a prompt defiance
too slow

so artificial
so superficial- are you still with us?
so superstitious
cutthroat and vicious
Track Name: Black Hole
oh, zero
bore straight through you
nothing to it
hero; heroine
we love you alone
all alone

keep your eyes on
the horizon
keep your distance or else
be cut by the edge

you've got one in the oven
it found you
like a stream to the ocean
and your child
baby's first tooth

oh, keep your eyes on
the horizon
let it go to your head
be torn to shreds

once you get too close
it don't let go...
Track Name: Corrosive Slug Maiden
you float by
the night called you
across worlds to you
the art of drawing blood

one slug
and I floored you
as dust covered you
your eyes open wide

the barren valley of your womb
bore a vapid testament of gilded lies
this cursed altar is your tomb
the last desperate vestige
of your one sacrifice

and the one all eyes were on
thought the world of you
through the fog all along
the crosshairs were on you
with emeralds you were adorned
put them on, it’s nothing new
but this fortune be warned
is just too good to be true

I will turn your flesh into mine
slowly crawling up your spine
put a needle in your arm
put my poison in your heart

six feet of earth and a box
will keep you safe and free from harm
your memory we will exalt
as your perfect body rots
Track Name: Man Eating Bananas
they give bananas pets
open to baseball
keep an eye on it- monkeys can't talk

now his evil powers grow
is this your world?

can't you stay?
we'll get to man eating bananas
let the monkeys plan safe in their hideout
don't you want our own safety?
oh man.
i wanted bananas

well i tell you what-
you can't roll that coin
try talking backwards
i can't do that when i'm sober

in my ballcap
you waste your snail
spitting glass

it's all over boss
throw the peel

they gave me a good talking to
someone should've come up with a better word for you

they can tell the difference
between circles and squares
they can tell the difference
between apples and pears
they can tell the difference
between a man
and an ape
Track Name: Genome II
spend an hour or two
trying to hammer it out
don't amount to wings
though you get a star for effort
spend an hour or two
trying to hammer it out
finally got your wings though
you're no angel
it's the same thing as before

spend an hour or two
looking at my time
held on for way too long
held on for dear life
spend an hour or two
looking at the world
you're not anything that's alive
you're not a ghost

spend an hour or two
trying to hammer it out
they'll make dust fom you're bones
by the time you figure it out
spend an hour or two
trying to hammer it out
and if you feel you're conscience
abandon, run
it's the same old, same old
Track Name: the Other Side of the Glass
where you never go
in the back of your mind
there's that little voice
the one that's not so kind
in the dark
in the morning
in the sad hours of the day
in the dust
in the floodland
in the lust of the day
you'll find me

through the placid eye
in the blink of an eye
you pretend you're an island
reliable, right?

but you will never find me
in the garbage
in the grass
in the winter that passed
in the dirty glass

in the land
in the timeline
in the dust of you and i
in denial of your love of heights
you'll be there
lizard eyed

don't you wish you could fly?

bring on the fear
how they lied.
brother, how they died.
how they died
Track Name: Dissolvr
now that you've finally got it all
so proud of what you have become
i'm up to my eyeballs in the code
designed to dissolve you and implode

winning me over would be dull
i'll have to demote you as result
the gawking vultures are displaced
darling, let me hold you as we're erased
now we're real

and now that the closure is appraised
this overexposure will take all day
i'm glad you're not going anywhere
we're about to vanish into thin air
when we dissolve
we're real

and now that we've got that through your skull
you don't have to feel so all alone
a wave, a particle or ray
will find a use for you someday
when you dissolve
you're free